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Upon reaching climax while doggying your partner you first must fake ejaculation onto their backside while catching your ejaculate in your hand. Your partner will believe you to be finished with intercourse and will most undoubtely turn around to look at you in a hopefully satisfied manner. At this moment , you use the semen that you have now equally distributed in each hand and flick the semen at your partners face using the same motion that spiderman uses to shoot his webs in the comic books/movie. As you tarnish your partners face in semen you will yell "GO WEB GO!!!" Please reference the scene in the first spiderman movie where he is trying out his newly found web forming powers and yells this exact phrase.
"I gave her the spiderman because I enjoy humilating all of my lovers in a most satisfying manner"
by skankinmat April 23, 2007
usually a large blob or log of fecal matter shot and expelled from an anus in a most satisfying manner. A collection of these masses dropped in a fine deuce like manner will cause whats known as "breaking water". This is where the amount of turd is so great it stacks in a shape that breaks the precipice of toilet water level.

"go eat a turd sandwich"
"you are such a turd"
"I got to go turd my pants"
by skankinmat April 23, 2007
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