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An over-acheiveing hispanic person.
That zorro could fight crime, kill bad guy, and get the girl a tthe end, plus he was mexican... he is fucking spictacular.
by alix gross November 14, 2005
adj. A word used to show weather conditions that would cause one to want to mow one's lawn.
It's a spictacular day today.
I couldn't resist mowing my lawn because it was such a spictacular day.
by The Dredd Pirate Roberts March 06, 2005
The quality of a person who is very suave, spectacular, and mexican.
Juanda: "Oh, gurl, look at David Lang over there, oooh damn he is lookin mighty fine!"
Juanita: " Oh yeah gurl, I heard that he hooked up with Chenigra last night, he is so spictacular!"
by Nigga Jon January 21, 2005
an adjative for latin decorating
That 85 cutass ciera with 24" rims is spictacular
by chagovatoloco October 28, 2006

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