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to attempt to pick up someone else's girlfriend / interest.
Hey James, look at that guy, he's mowing my lawn.
by the urbanizer December 04, 2003
It means basically the same as getting up in someone's grill, bugging them, eating their eats or invading their privacy
"Yo man stop getting up in my grill, mowing my lawn"
by mur11 July 29, 2006
Its wat u say to ur freinds wen u want to stay home and do watever, especially video games, mainly madden 08. people usually do this wen they first get a new game or something.
"Guys i cant hang out today, im gonna be mowing my lawn, and then after that, i have to buy some.... shorts" says kevin

"O, ok kevin" says me
by Emcee Carthy August 16, 2007