A stunningly attractive, sexy and intelligent woman.
Oh my god! Did an angel fall from heaven? You're so smart and gorgeous and I really want to screw you right now! You MUST be a "Juanita"....
by Astradae August 10, 2008
Sexy, Freak, unpredictable, intelligent, great in bed, loves to be adventurous and willing to try anything once. Opinionated and loves having the last word. When shes wrong...she's still right. Loves hard and long, Hates hard & long. There is no median. Competitive, cunning, a very smart business woman.
To be a Juanita, takes practice.
To know and love a Juanita, is absolutely self gratifying.
To have had sexual relations with a Juanita ..IS PRICELESS!!
by Only4ureyes February 03, 2010
a beautiful,thoughtful,nurturing woman whose eyes are the most lovely i've seen.
Juanita is cute
by speedysammich February 02, 2010
Gorgeous, perfect, beautiful, kind, generous, and the best shopping buddy ever!
guy1: "Oh my GOD! Shes so Hot!
guy2: "She must be a Juanita"
by Mr.Herpes November 15, 2010

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