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when someone has food caught in their teeth
ma'am, i could not help but notice that you have a bunch of junk all lodged up in your spice rack.
by tramdog August 11, 2003
A foreign girl's rack.
Yo...check out the spice rack over there on that girl.
by leftturn7m October 12, 2009
What going to the toilet becomes after a curry-filled night out.

See also Delhi belly, Karachi Crouch and Montezuma's revenge.
After that vindaloo last night, I was on the spice rack all morning.
by TajUK May 20, 2009
An attractive man who is innately skilled at building things with his hands, usually things around the house.
That dude is a total spicerack
by Lil MJ April 25, 2011
Slang term for calling someone a 'spastic' usually said when in such rage that saying the correct word isn't possible.
God Kelly, you wind me up so much, your such a spice rack!
by jimbomansi January 26, 2010
A rack on one of the Spice Girls.
Mmmm, would you look at that spice rack on that girl there? Mmmm, Ginger Spice.
by msbkid June 11, 2009
A girl's rack topped off with some allspice. There you go, now you have a spice rack.
I took a bottle of allspice and sprinkled some of it on that girl's rack. Now she has a spice rack. :)
by izcool June 06, 2009
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