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An innocent window used to disguise more suspect internet activity.
"Mum surprised me in my room as I was looking at multiple spreads on the Playboy website. Luckily, I had some weboflage and was able to pull up an article on endangered whales".
by TajUK January 16, 2007
To engage in multiple web-chats and have each correspondant ignorant about the others.
"I chat-cheated on four guys last night. It was getting really confusing, and I had to pull out some weboflage when my boyfriend came into the room."
by TajUK January 16, 2007
To contol someone via a combination of sexual manipulation, superior social status, and subtle insult.
"My girlfriend totally bissed me into getting some new clothes."
by TajUK January 16, 2007
A state where, instead of imparting inspiration as intended, the acting figure takes his targets into a bathetic plunge of inertia and despair.
My boss gave an unspirational speech this afternoon. He quoted Shakespeare, Martin Luther King and Dolly Parton. Ed from resources puked up halfway through it and Gill started crying hysterically.
by TajUK January 16, 2007
Anyone who interprets cultural signs and symbols for evidence of a grand Jewish conspiracy.
"That Australian film guy is a semitician."
"I have this crazy semitician neighbour. He collects World War II memorabilia".
by TajUK January 17, 2007
The video equivalent of St Elmo's fire. It occurs when windows and doorways in home camera footage are overexposed and thus bathed in light.
You can't see Aunt Emma's dress because she's caught in the God-at-the-window. Perhaps that's a blessing in disguise.
by TajUK March 24, 2007
Noun. The science of interpreting celebrity.
My best friend spends so much time reading tabloids, he's practically got a degree in fameology.
by TajUK April 24, 2007

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