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The Greek God of Nards
Testiclees was the mightiest of all naked Greek Gods.
by tramdog August 11, 2003
when someone has food caught in their teeth
ma'am, i could not help but notice that you have a bunch of junk all lodged up in your spice rack.
by tramdog August 11, 2003
another name for whore

The implication is that much like the bicycle of a small village, everyone is eventually going to ride the thing.
I am guessing that the chick walking bowlegged out of the frat house is a major village bicycle
by tramdog August 11, 2003
combination of a whore + a moron. Typically used in a derogatory manner.
Can you believe that whoreon actually fell for it when I told her swalling loads was a great way for her to lose weight???
by tramdog August 11, 2003
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