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a shapely chick - with well placed, adequately sized, and properly proportioned attributes.
Holy smack!...check the spice rack...stacked in the back...I need a snack.
by Noodlehoss September 29, 2005
7 14
when someone has food caught in their teeth
ma'am, i could not help but notice that you have a bunch of junk all lodged up in your spice rack.
by tramdog August 11, 2003
23 11
A foreign girl's rack.
Yo...check out the spice rack over there on that girl.
by leftturn7m October 12, 2009
4 0
What going to the toilet becomes after a curry-filled night out.

See also Delhi belly, Karachi Crouch and Montezuma's revenge.
After that vindaloo last night, I was on the spice rack all morning.
by TajUK May 20, 2009
6 3
An attractive man who is innately skilled at building things with his hands, usually things around the house.
That dude is a total spicerack
by Lil MJ April 25, 2011
5 3
Slang term for calling someone a 'spastic' usually said when in such rage that saying the correct word isn't possible.
God Kelly, you wind me up so much, your such a spice rack!
by jimbomansi January 26, 2010
4 3
A rack on one of the Spice Girls.
Mmmm, would you look at that spice rack on that girl there? Mmmm, Ginger Spice.
by msbkid June 11, 2009
5 4
A girl's rack topped off with some allspice. There you go, now you have a spice rack.
I took a bottle of allspice and sprinkled some of it on that girl's rack. Now she has a spice rack. :)
by izcool June 06, 2009
12 11