Little white skinned members of a great barbarian tribe that live in a huge village known as Epididymis. These barbarians, after falling victim to an "earthquake", go on a great quest to find The Great Orb(the female's egg). They pillage every village along the way, fight random soldiers, and carry on their normal routine until they find what they're looking for.

Eventually these little devils find the orb in question and it selects the greatest warrior out of all 10 million of them. It then rips that warrior apart, uses his DNA, and kills all if his friends with a huge wave of random acid.

And yes that warrior that was selected was you. So anytime u feel bad or feel low, just remember that u were the greatest once.
This entire journey of the sperm takes place within about 1-4 days.
by J Daddy Swerve November 17, 2013
What you were before you were born. Yup you were white liquid that shot outta your dad's penis when he had an orgasm with your mom. Be thankful that you werent one of the sperms that was murdered when your dad masturbated.
I was sperm, you were sperm, we all were sperm, everybody on this planet is sperm that developed and isnt sperm anymore.
by I was sperm December 27, 2009
tiny white ninjas that can make ur life living hell when it reaches its destination.
Dog sperm tastes like ketchup.
by little white ninja May 19, 2010
Sperm are little squiggly cells that fly out of your helmet during any form of sex or masturbation due to rapid muscle contractions. Sperm can fertilise the womans egg making a fetus that is born as a "baby". Sperm are good, do not keep them too hot or they'll die.
Man - Dude i masturbated last night.
Dude - Wow man, did sperm come out?
Man - Yes, they were white.
by Carl Grew January 21, 2007
an elite force from the male genetalia destined to find thier one true love the egg. or in other terms the sprinkles in your frosting from below.
my sperm are sperminatious.
im a sperm i helped create you, yes you faggot.
by call me clinton..bill clinton November 06, 2003
sperm. the stuff that comes out of ur dick when u masterbate.
shit! i got sperm all over my bed!
by anderson September 01, 2004

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