A place with vibrators and some stuff that horny people use, also if you want to buy a lollipop you reach down there shirt and touch there tits...............oh yeah
lets touch some tits
ok lets go to spencers
by opopopopopo March 03, 2007
A closet homosexual with micro penis syndrome (an extremely small penis). Is also a bitch and a demon spawn
I fucking hate spencer(s)
by Alexh73 January 23, 2014
A pot head who is the king of pursia
Thats spencer
by Michaelz September 25, 2012
A short, annoying guy who is great at videos games, but has poor social skills, yet is a nerd. But still has a good heart when it comes down to it.
"Hey, did you see that Spencer? He's ranked, like, 20 on Halo 3!"

"But never had a girlfriend..."

"Ahh, so true."
by Grace-Kun October 29, 2008
A jerk guy who likes to play with girls emotions. He thinks he's super cool but everybody really hates him.
The guy is such a spencer
by Purplelego March 05, 2015
Is white has blond hair has blue eyes is wearing a black under armor shirt wears jeans and has yellow shoes and likes to suck dick and gets really mad
Spencer Larson
by Largus December 03, 2013
An Australian boy with an awesome accent. he has dirty blond hair & his dad is a singer with an awesome car. Spencer is awesome
I smile at spencer all day & it creeps him out ;)
by Guess-who!! May 09, 2012

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