a bitch
Quit being a spencer
by Jonny Z March 02, 2016
A literal square.

Involved in Geometry Club, Algebra Club, PreCalc Club, Calc Club, Too Turnt 4 Skool Club, STEM Club, Math Club, and Trigonometry Club

Most likely a blockhead and always right
Teacher: Okay today class we're measuring the angles of polygons. Tell me the measure of this Spencer.
Students: 90 degrees
by catuhpilluh March 20, 2015
A place with vibrators and some stuff that horny people use, also if you want to buy a lollipop you reach down there shirt and touch there tits...............oh yeah
lets touch some tits
ok lets go to spencers
by opopopopopo March 03, 2007
A short, annoying guy who is great at videos games, but has poor social skills, yet is a nerd. But still has a good heart when it comes down to it.
"Hey, did you see that Spencer? He's ranked, like, 20 on Halo 3!"

"But never had a girlfriend..."

"Ahh, so true."
by Grace-Kun October 29, 2008
A pot head who is the king of pursia
Thats spencer
by Michaelz September 25, 2012
A closet homosexual with micro penis syndrome (an extremely small penis). Is also a bitch and a demon spawn
I fucking hate spencer(s)
by Alexh73 January 23, 2014
A jerk guy who likes to play with girls emotions. He thinks he's super cool but everybody really hates him.
The guy is such a spencer
by Purplelego March 05, 2015
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