A short, annoying guy who is great at videos games, but has poor social skills, yet is a nerd. But still has a good heart when it comes down to it.
"Hey, did you see that Spencer? He's ranked, like, 20 on Halo 3!"

"But never had a girlfriend..."

"Ahh, so true."
by Grace-Kun October 29, 2008
Is white has blond hair has blue eyes is wearing a black under armor shirt wears jeans and has yellow shoes and likes to suck dick and gets really mad
Spencer Larson
by Largus December 03, 2013
An Australian boy with an awesome accent. he has dirty blond hair & his dad is a singer with an awesome car. Spencer is awesome
I smile at spencer all day & it creeps him out ;)
by Guess-who!! May 09, 2012
A pot head who is the king of pursia
Thats spencer
by Michaelz September 25, 2012
a name typical of a douchebag and/or faggot. A Spencer typically tries to be a player, and epicly fails. With his cute nose, a Spencer will attempt to lure you into his really stereotypical and totally unoriginal trap. Then, he will most likely put his finger in his ass and run away like a scared puppy. Spencers typically don't own a pair of testicles, so unless one is an asshole to you (most Spencers are) try and be nice to them, otherwise they might get your favorite toilet paper roll messy with their tears. Toilet paper is more of a necessity in life than anyone named Spencer.
Did that guy just dump her just because he doesn't see her 24/7? What a Spencer.

That Spencer just took it in his ass!

Dude, don't be a Spencer. Mix up your game a little.
by Nonyodamnbidnazz987654321 May 01, 2012
Term for a seemingly ignorant dumb-ass who is totally self-absorbed. Also...A person who thinks of no one but himself.
He seemed like a nice guy but turned out to be a real Spencer!
by Phatdaddy4 July 24, 2011
A gag-gift store that features tasteless/tacky merchandise such as various items with marijuana leaves on them. The store is usually cluttered and the sex toys are for poor people who dont mind purchasing and using a vibrator that has been opened and taken out of the box 6 times.
I hate Spencers, Spencers is trashy.
by JukeJointJezebel July 12, 2006

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