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D-bag, douche bag, or a-tip
That guy/girl is such a spencers!
by Bartenders January 18, 2009
A hot guy with brown eyes. Amazing skateboarder. Wears lots of plaid jackets. Sweet, charming, and anyone would be lucky to go out with him. Also plays the bass guitar and acoustic bass.
Did you see that spencer? I would looooooove to go out with him.
by spencerlover<3 May 16, 2009
Jerk, Has Been Arrested, dates underaged women, drunk, physco.
Also, cute, with long flippy hair.
Timmy- "did you hear about Spencer?"
Lance-" what about him going to jail for being drunk underage and dating women underage!?"
Timmy-"no for having the worlds flippiest hair(x"
by BigBigBigBigBigDick July 01, 2011
A guy from Texas who has a tiny dick. Really. It will make you sad. But not to fear, you will hear him coming. He sings bad opera really really loud and thinks he is talented. He is also super tall too. But don't confuse that with hot. That's not true. He has no muscle mass to speak of+flab. He also lies and is rude and inconsiderate. He likes to hurt peoples friends and never EVER say sorry because he is a big baby who can't own up. AKA: not a real man. He also has no muscle mass to speak of. Don't tolerate his crap and you will have a long healthy, happy life.
Cory: "Oh, my god. There was this guy at the store who wouldn't stop asking me 'how I was doing'. He also said the sky was green and told me I could lose some weight. I said it hurt my feelings and instead of saying sorry he asked me if I wanted to fuck."
Marcy: "What a Spencer."
Cory: "How did you know his name."
Marcy: "There's really only one person that could be babe."
by Marcyloves<3 January 13, 2012
A gay assed alcoholic man who mooches off of his girlfriends....UN-DATE-ABLE!!!!
Girl, Dont date him....he's such a Spencer.
by lolipop250 June 16, 2011
A total an utter embarrasment. Someone who is known for being unfaithful and cheating and constantly lying.
That dude is such a SPENCER!
by haaaaaahahaha March 24, 2010
A mini-man who lives on pink-post it notes. Very quiet and likes to snack on low calorie goldfish and vailla wafers. Spencer is always grumpy in the morning before his first round of treats.
Spencer wouldn't come out of the drawer before Ariana fed him a goldfish.
by Bridesmaid 78 March 29, 2010