A gay assed alcoholic man who mooches off of his girlfriends....UN-DATE-ABLE!!!!
Girl, Dont date him....he's such a Spencer.
by lolipop250 June 16, 2011
A mini-man who lives on pink-post it notes. Very quiet and likes to snack on low calorie goldfish and vailla wafers. Spencer is always grumpy in the morning before his first round of treats.
Spencer wouldn't come out of the drawer before Ariana fed him a goldfish.
by Bridesmaid 78 March 29, 2010
A total an utter embarrasment. Someone who is known for being unfaithful and cheating and constantly lying.
That dude is such a SPENCER!
by haaaaaahahaha March 24, 2010
A douche bag who's prone to being very competitive. He likes to play guitar at gay bars. Spencers tend to lack to hit puberty untill around age 20. In all honesty he is a homo.
Dave: Dude, did you hear? Spencer apparently got some head from his new girlfriend?

Travis: Really? What's his name?
by timtom987 April 28, 2010
a gay dude who wears fedoras, weird glasses, and outfits. and thinks he's cool for wearing them but he just lookes like a loser. he also likes to send picture messages to people about his outfits. and no one cares and thinks theyre ugly
hes a spencer for wearing that fedora
by herrowmypeeps May 03, 2010
A type of highly addictive prescription drug used to treat humans with dinosaurs growing from their fingertips. Side effects may include: vomiting, expolsive diarrhea, choking on broccoli, and eating excessive amounts of peanut butter and strawberry yogurt mixed together. Also, you may experience urges to bathe in milk with some cats thrown in for good measure.
"Dude, I got my Spencer yesterday to treat these dinosaurs growing from my fingers, and now I cant seem to stop eating peanut butter and strawberry yogurt."

"My Spencer will kill me one day if I have to keep choking on this broccoli."

"Man, that Spencer keeps me in the bathroom all night, sitting on the toilet."
by amandyso August 31, 2008
Douche bag
All Spencer's are douche bags, if you are a Spencer and not a douche you should start going by your middle name!
by Juble February 05, 2010

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