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Getting "Spencered" is when one says he is going to hit the head and never
returns to the meeting, later to be found hovering over a
booth of a mother daughter where buy the "Spencer" is trying to pick up
the 18 year old daughter and of course removing his self from the bill
on another board members birthday.
Hey man, you Spencered me on my birthday! Where did you go? The check was 85$ you prick!
by VENUMB July 29, 2011
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The act of taking a ridiculous meat slab inside of you. Possible outcomes consist of heavy wheel chair use, crutches, even death if excessive. Very good looking cat and comes off as being gentle but can really deal a full dish of meat
Person 1:"yo nigga, why that bitch walking like that?!"
Person 2: "Ah shit man she just got spencered!"

Lucky Female: "If i get spencered one more time I am making a purchase at the scooter store!"
by Sir swags alot August 12, 2011

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