A guy whom is very caring even tho he doesn't really show it. He's not a good texter but better in person. He knows what's best for you and helps you by his past experience's. He seems like an ass but you gotta know him to see he's not.
He was so Spencer today.
Spencer just saved a girls heart!
by Hiiiiibae July 07, 2014
an amazing man with crystal blue-grayish eyes. any girl would be lucky to have him because he's great boyfriend material. I love him. with all my heart save the date 1-26-12.
me: "today was jut horrible ):"
spencer: "but no matter what your beautiful"

me: awwh.
by nrhs November 10, 2013
An extremely tall guy who always screams "hello!" when he fucks. He has ambiguously colored eyes that flash different tints in different clubs. He has a good Beyoncé impression but doesn't know how to surfboard. He's working on the dance to single ladies. His cast smells like cheese. He has a way about him that is somehow funny and awkward at the same time. He quit taekwondo, so he's not quite as badass anymore. But he's too cool and extremely stereotypically white to be a ninja.
Dat Spencer be screaming hello wen it get down y'all.
by swagittyswag May 28, 2014
a guy who pees in hampers instead of toilets when he's drunk.
Girl, show him the toilet before he pulls a Spencer.
by ladyg2 June 16, 2011
Really cool very nice and all around good person but at times is terrifying in a good way i think I dont know alls i do know is that its not just a guys name its also fan belong to girls
Did you see spencer at the party she was looked so hot.
by jserum November 04, 2014
A literal square.

Involved in Geometry Club, Algebra Club, PreCalc Club, Calc Club, Too Turnt 4 Skool Club, STEM Club, Math Club, and Trigonometry Club

Most likely a blockhead and always right
Teacher: Okay today class we're measuring the angles of polygons. Tell me the measure of this Spencer.
Students: 90 degrees
by catuhpilluh March 20, 2015
A person who is an incredible douche bag that gravitates towards even bigger douche bags with any small amount of power or standing over a group, false or real. A Spencer will coddle the balls of any perceived superior while gagging on their cock and begging for more between breathes in the hope of receiving a pat on the head or an unfounded statement that serves to validate his existence. He is an expert in pointing out the flaws of others, but seems unable to see that he sucks at life and is a complete failure when compared to anyone else. He is a snitch of epic proportions and the type of douche who will be friends with a person while simultaneously talking trash about them behind their back to anyone who will listen.

See Also: DNTB
"Spencer's been snitchin to the boss again, but failed to mention he's the biggest fuck up in the department".
by TopRow November 25, 2012

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