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The combination of the narcotic heroin and stimulant cocaine mixed together and injected together in a single shot. When administered IV, the speedball produces the best rush/high in the world of drugs and is the most deadly of procedures as far as getting loaded. Highly addictive. Beyond destructive. Will bring any addict to their knees. It will call you and lure you, lie to you and kill you. Like alcohol and pills as well. This is the worst though. That is why it is the best.
"Man, my habit and tollerance were getting out of control. I was shooting about eight to ten speedballs a day just to stay high and not get sick."
by Martin Throttle June 29, 2006
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To combine cocaine and heroin in one douse, or a drug in it's own that is a combination of cocaine and heroin, so the desired user can take it at once. Some have termed it a more organized version of speed, which is why it is called "speedball", because it's been packed together organized, with actual care, like it takes care to make a ball.
Most people prefer Speed to Speedball, unless they mistake them."
by Bowman June 16, 2002
It's a mix of heroin and cocaine and is ussually injected
you havent tried nothin until youve had a speed ball
by Kari January 01, 2004
A mixture of cocaine and heroin, usually injected. Said to be dangerous as cocaine being a stimulant will raise the heart rate while heroin usually slows the heart down.
He woke up in hospital after speedballing.
by Colin Mac October 01, 2006
A mixture of cocaine and heroin injected into oneself. Killed the legendary John Belushi, R.I.P.
After a night of partying with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams, John Belushi injected a speedball directly into one of his veins. IT KILLED HIM. (True story)
by Stick With Weed February 19, 2007
Heroin and coke mixed together
(NOT heroin and speed, people who say that dont know what the fuck they're talking about)
People like this combination because Heroin generally slows you down and relaxes you while coke speeds things up and makes you hyper so they clash nicely
only hardcore druggies do speedballs
by Angelica Kirk January 17, 2008
Consuming a Taco Bell burrito (which contain heroin) with a large Mountain Dew (which contains dissolved cocaine.)
Yea I'd like a speedball with a side of cheesy fiesta potatoes.
by Rellik Uzi August 18, 2010

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