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An awesome game that I used to play a lot as a kid. There are two teams, and each team gets some kind of object to use as a flag, then they hide it, the first team to get the other team's flag wins. Also you divide the playing area into two sides and your team can tag people on their flag.
"let's go play some Capture the Flag!"
by Buttfucked September 21, 2003
When a girl inserts her underwear into her vagina and prompts her male (or female) partner to remove the underwear with his mouth.
I wanted to get her out of my room but I couldn't find her underwear. Then she turned to me and asked me to capture the flag.
by Premature ejaculator October 28, 2011
A game where you hide a flag from the opposing team, the playing field is usually divided into two equal sections.
A simpler alternative to this can be played by having a field like so:
J. . . . .C
|. . . . .|
C- - - C
|. . . . .|
C. . . . .J

C = Chair/Stand that has flag sitting on top of it.
J = "Jail", the place you go to after being tug in the opposing team's side.
- = Center line, teams have to run here while holding the oppositions flag to score points.

Teams try and get the flag in enemys territory to the center line. If you get tug and are in jail you can get out if someone from your team runs past the enemy and tags you.
Capture the flag is a fun game to play when you are a kid!
by shadow77110 September 02, 2006
When a guy or male steals the virginity of a woman
Hey tyler, see that banging hot gal over there? You should totally Capture the flag of hers.
by NJT4147 September 21, 2013
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