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The combination of the narcotic heroin and stimulant cocaine mixed together and injected together in a single shot. When administered IV, the speedball produces the best rush/high in the world of drugs and is the most deadly of procedures as far as getting loaded. Highly addictive. Beyond destructive. Will bring any addict to their knees. It will call you and lure you, lie to you and kill you. Like alcohol and pills as well. This is the worst though. That is why it is the best.
"Man, my habit and tollerance were getting out of control. I was shooting about eight to ten speedballs a day just to stay high and not get sick."
by Martin Throttle June 29, 2006
Street name for Suboxone; the narcotic agonist bupenorphine combined with the narcotic antagonist naloxone. Suboxone was invented in Europe several years ago and is slowly becoming widely popular in the states. Although it is a narcotic opioid analgesic, it is most commonly used as an agent to aid in the detoxification of other opiates such as heroin, oxycontin, morphine, dilaudid, methadone, codine, roxycodone, percocet, or vicodin. It is taken sublingualy and dissolves under your tongue allowing the drug to take effect at it's highest efficiency. If swallowed whole, the drug will not be very effective and is basically a waste. If the patient has used recently before taking their first dose of Suboxone, and has not entered the withdrawl stage or feeling "dopesick", they will find that the naloxone will immediatly put them into withdrawls which can be quite serious and worse in the sense that they are more intense and hit you harder. Suboxone comes in eight milligram tablets that are octagonal and orange and taste like a metallic flavored tang drink. The tablets come in two milligram doses as well. For every eight milligrams of bupenorpine, there is two milligrams of naloxone in the pill. Naloxone is a form of naltrexone, an opiate blocker. This is put into the drug to prevent individuals from injecting it or taking it just to get high. The withdrawl symptoms from Suboxone are a lot more mild than that of any other opiate including methadone and if taken properly for a detox program, it can prevent even the slightest of withdrawl symptoms. It can produce the same euphoric effects as any other opiate and allows the user to feel fulfilled when on it, preventing the feelings common with opiate addicts who do not have opiates in their system. These are feelings of depression, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, cramping, loss of appetite, sweating, shaking, inability to focus, lack of social skills, disinterest in hobbies, work, social situations, and loved ones. Some patients use it for maintenance after an initial detox period and others use it for a slow detox where the drug level is gradually decreased over a long period of time until it is stopped completly. Typically, after the final dose of Suboxone, a few days of discomfort might follow or minor depression but antidepressants and over the counter pain killers usually will suffice. Low doses of Benzodiazepines are commonly combined with Suboxone helping the patient sleep and eliminating any anxiety or panic attacks that may result as a consequence of kicking a heavy heroin and cocaine and klonopin habit for example. This is the most effective drug I have found in terms of allowing the addicted individual re-intigrate back into society and reduce harm to oneself and others and eliminates the risk of being arrested for stealing or being involved in drug seeking behaviors. Suboxone also has a lower chance of a patient suffering from an overdose. People also have a tendencey to become less dependent on it than methadone and typically take much lower doses of it than any other opiate agonist. Still heavily restriced. Physicians and psychiatrists who prescribe the medication have to go through special training and they are typically only allowed to retain thirty patients at one time that they can prescribe it to. I wish they had this stuff ten to fourteen years ago. It would have saved me so much hell and so many days upon days of cold turkey detox horror.
"God, between my heroin, coke, and valium habit, it was taking me at least eighty migs of methadone just to get straight. Now that I have the subs, I am good on a paltry six migs each morning and one valium ten and I am all set for the next twenty four hours. I think I might finally be able to break the shackles of this shit after almost fourteen years of this hell."

"True knocking man, I have been on the subs for four months and two migs of Ativan a day, and I have not have had any desire to go back to that block and hit the spike."
by Martin Throttle November 13, 2006
Pills. Generally sold on the street. Obtained without prescriptions. Mostly Oxycontin, Dilaudid, Morphine, Methadone, Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, Xanex. Any opiates or benzodiazepine medication taken to get loaded.
I am starting to get sick. I need to go to the hill and get a shitload of pharms to get me through the next two days of work.
by Martin Throttle June 29, 2006
A latex condom used for all kinds of crazy shit
"I'll be damned if I fuck that hooker without a weenie beenie1"
by Martin Throttle June 28, 2006
Someone who is such a dick and an asshole that the two are combined for convenience and being able to kill two birds with one stone. Also, those that are labeled buttdicks are the kind of people who are so lame that it is not worth expending the mental energy to come up with two separate insults for their general state of being. Like my history, journalism, and public speaking teacher in highschool told me, "Why use two when one will do."
"I saw kip at the party last night. He was wearing his tevas with white socks, a tank top and some wrap around Oakley razors. He kept pulling off of a bottle of cheap tequila and slapping the ladies on the ass while saying, "hey babe, the name is Kip, in your case, you can call me the Kipper or something like that. Despite the fact that he is one of the biggest buttdicks on the planet, I noticed his mullett was filling in nicely."
by Martin Throttle November 02, 2006
wearing two condoms at once during sex to de-sensitize the unit so you can last longer and fuck like a rock star.
Man, I lasted for twenty two minutes and forty six seconds inside her luscious box thanks to your suggestion that I utilize the trusty double bag technique.
by Martin Throttle June 28, 2006

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