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Wide-eyed, adrenalin-filled psycho grimace on one's face as you charge in to battle/a fight/game of chicken. Exemplified by "Full Metal Jacket".
Let me see your war face!


You've got a war face? Aaaaaaaagh! That's a war face. Now let me see your war face!


Bullshit! You didn't convince me! Let me see your real war face!


You didn't scare me! Work on it!
by Flatster May 11, 2006
Breaking down a process or system into smaller modules to make it more accessible/easier to comprehend.

On the other hand, it also mean over-complicating a simple process to the extent of being anal in the extreme.
Normal Bloke: Here you are Old Lady, let me help you across the road.

Old Lay: Thank you, young man!

Project manager: Now then Normal Bloke, we need more granularity here. Firstly, what road are you referring to? Next, is there any traffic on said road and if so, at what speed is it travelling? We also need to define the camber of the edges and the traction factor of the tarmac under the temperature of the day to ascertain the breaking distance of the road users in case of a Normal-Bloke-Old-Lady-slippage scenario. Next, we need...

Normal bloke: Fuck this, I'm off to Macdonalds.
by flatster December 12, 2008
Something that stands out and is very visible. The bulldog's testiclar region is extremely prominant and hence the reference.
Bloke 1: "Fuck me sideways! She's had a tit job!"
Bloke 2: "Like bollocks on a bulldog mate!"
by flatster November 11, 2005
1) To drive a car through a shop window in order to illegally procure goods from aforementioned emporium.

2) Ulgy people can look like they've been ram raiding on motorcycles.
Chav: Lookit! Burbree! Lessnickit!
Chavette: 'right Kev! Puya foo' darn n ram raidit!
Chav: aight! Arma ram raider, me!

She was so fucking ugly, she looked like she'd been ram raiding on a motorcycle.
by flatster October 23, 2006
The "noise" made by Everquest 1 and 2 Frogloks; a race of amphibious player-controlled racial type's. Normally, these frogs have hilariously original names like "Kermit" or Kerrrrrmit" or "Kermitttt".

When engaged in conversation, the cunt controlling said Froglok will only respond with the ludicrously funny "froak" in their chat line. This is, of course, accepted and praised by other 12 year-old moron's who think it's the pinnacle of whit and rapier-like subtlety.

"D00d, yr froggy is teh roxx0rs!"
"LOLOLO!!""" taht's so cool"
"LFMAO stop ddude my diaframs gunna burste!!!11!"
by Flatster October 28, 2005
A very mild exclamation for use in polite company. The fuller version is "Lorks a lordy" if you have a need for a more vernacular expression.
"Lorks a Lordy! My bottom's on fire!"

***Courtesy of "The Young One's"***
by Flatster October 28, 2005
1) An industry created from nothing that creates nothing.
2) Sarbanes Oxley is also a swear word.
3) Something to hide behind when you need introduce bureaucracy to the nth degree.
SOX dweeb: Do have everything under control?
Office bloke: Yes
SOX dweeb: Can I see the documentary evidence?
Office bloke: We don't keep hard copy
SOX dweeb (smugly): The you have failed your control and I must report you to the highest possible echelon within the organisation who will inform of your failure and sack you. Sarbanes Oxley (SOx) is the alpha and the omega.
Office bloke: So fucking what? DIE!


SOX dweeb dies in a pool of it's own blood. Much rejoicing ensues.
by flatster October 24, 2006

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