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When a man masterbates or strokes his penis
All of a sudden, he pulled down his pants and started spanking that monkey!
by The Molster March 04, 2004
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to masterbate; vigerously stroke your penis untill you reach climax or skeet all over the place
i spank the monkey every day until my fuckign dick peels
by the one and only whtie e-40 February 14, 2007
masterbation- male only.
I was going to spend the day building shelters for the homeless, but decided to stay home and spank the monkey all day instead.
by Johny Casino December 19, 2009
in houston many will say that it means anal sex, in kansas it means masturbation, mainly when guys masturbate not women but I hear in some places it doesn't matter if your male or female
I wanna spank her monkey
I wanna spank the monkey
he is spanking his monkey
she is spanking her monkey
by houstongirl September 19, 2009
Spank the Monkey is the greatest internet game ever!
Lets play spank the monkey!
by Ryan Ramsey December 15, 2006
when a woman masturbates
she spanks her monkey too much
by waterlilly April 05, 2005
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