An exciting programme of development for leaders of services working in local authority archives.
Fuck me your motherfucker, I bloody motherfucking loved that fuckass SPAF workshop bitch.
by JBo10 November 05, 2010
SPAF is a meaningless word. It's flexible, versatile and utterley meaningless; it can apply in any situation. If in doubt, say 'SPAF', and the situation somehow becomes bleakly funnier. details the invention and rise of SPAF, as a meaningless diversion invented to pass the time by so-called 'gifted' teenagers.

Sadly, with the invention of lol, SPAF is now mostly obselete.
Person 1: *high-speed flow of technobabble, including several jargon words you will never have heard before*
Person 2: (when expected to comment) Uh... SPAF?

Person 2: (when bored and in public) *shouts at random strangers* SPAF!
by malikirem September 04, 2007
Acronym: Spunk Playfully Across Face
Example 1: Hey, no teething! Ok get ready i'm about to spaf!

Example 2: Go on! Spaf on me you rogue!
by jamrag3957 November 07, 2010
Short for SteamPunk-As-Fuck; from the punk rock term "punk as fuck". To go out dressed in full Anachronistic Victorian-era clothing, with gears, brass and leather.
Did you see the outfit Matt was wearing tonight, it was totally SPAF.
by Anarchie Matthew July 14, 2011
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