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a retard, or a person who just cant do anything useful, and when they try just ends up making a dick of themselves
Tanya tries to whistle and ends up blowing a raspberry
"tanya, you're such a spacky"
by sunnybunch May 04, 2003
a term used on someone who acts as if age doesn't count, acts like a complete idiot, feel they are invincible and feel alchohol or drugs do not affect them badly.
"Check her out she's runnin about with a disney princess umbrella and smoking a joint she's a pure spacky diva"
by technojuice May 20, 2009
when someone does something embarassing or stuiped, a person can be spacky if they act like a complete berk! (usually when refering to a person it is a "spackster")
That was a right spacky thing to do you know Levi
by Precious Pwincesssh September 10, 2007
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