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Used to describe stupid or moronic behaviour by persons a few bricks short of a wall (see retard).

Often preceded by the ingestion intoxicating substances.
This person may now be officially labeled a spackie.
Guy: Woah! Did you see that drunk chick run through that glass door?
Girl: LOL. Thats really spacked up.
by CheapThrills February 27, 2006
1. If said with accompaning slaps on the forehead by their palm, see smacky.
2. noun. A lovely person who unfortunately is yet to work out the thinking process and performs idiotic actions. This may be the way they were born and a important contribution to natural selection, or it may be due to substance abuse.
Girl 1: So, you want to buy this XTC?
Girl 2: Is it spackie? /slaps forehead
by CheapThrills February 27, 2006
1. A person of mental stupidity in the throws of doing something extremely stupid and commonly hilarious. This state and reputation is more often than not, bought upon by the consumption of exotic substances.

2. If said when hitting the forehead with the palm of the right hand, it means smacky. This definition is not known to the general public, but was developed in elitist circles of the Australian drum and bass underground.

Girl 1: PLURRR. Would like like this XTC?
Girl 2: (/hits fore head with palm of right hand) Is it spackie?
by CheapThrills April 23, 2006

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