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A retard who sits in the back of the sunshine bus, licking the window whilst staring at you
by sunnybunch May 04, 2003
the bus on which retards travel
"oh look, there goes the sunshine bus"
by sunnybunch May 04, 2003
a retard, or a person who just cant do anything useful, and when they try just ends up making a dick of themselves
Tanya tries to whistle and ends up blowing a raspberry
"tanya, you're such a spacky"
by sunnybunch May 04, 2003
The game where you knock on someone's door and run away. also called knock up ginger, or knock knock ginger.
"I'm bored, let's play knock down ginger on that house"
by sunnybunch April 15, 2005
Somebody whos mother never taught them to dress properly, so either wears the untidiest, oldest, smelliest, raggediest clothes ever, or pretty mch wears no clothes at all, so they can see how many men will shag them, which normally totals to none as they are flabby drunken wores who'se bellies flop over their trousers *pukes*
"Oh my god leah ambler looks like a right tramp"
by sunnybunch May 04, 2003
Adding to what i said earlier...

shut ya mum, meaning shut up.

Also, something to say when you dont know what else to say.
Zoe: "blah blah im zoe *screeching laughter"
Me: "shut ya mum zoe"

Zoe: "why do you hate me
Me: "erm, ya mum"

"did you have sex with my boyfriend"
"ya mum"
by sunnybunch May 04, 2003

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