Sport played on many different levels. In lower levels game is generally played for roughly 90 mins playing 5 innings. in collegiate and olympic levels games usually last 2 to 3 hours and are played generally in 7 innings. HItters are forced to hit balls moving 60-70mph usually with alot of movement and also change speeds. Same concepts as baseball but many different ones such as slappers and coverages. Pitchers pitch from 43 feet which leaves less reaction time. although not commonly seen as much of a contact sport there are many collisions and injuries where a person may break a bone, get cleated, dive into a fence, hit by a pitch, etc. Bases are only 60 feet which means reactions must be faster and you have less time to make plays. Although not as much endurance is needed you must have fast twitch muscles and be able to do alot of sprinting

Joe: Did you see the softball game last night?

Bob: Yeah those girls did a great job, those pitchers really made that ball move.
by shortstop112 April 17, 2009
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10 Reasons to Date a Softball Player10. we always use r hips for power 9. we can handle the heat 8. when it gets hard we always pull through 7. we always make sure we touch ever base carefully before scoring 6. we can be in 9 different positions for 75 mins 5. well go into exta innings if needed 4. were not afraid to get dirty 3. well go to any length to score 2. we dont mind playing with others 1. we always fight back if were behind in the game
damn those softball players are good
by sit down May 16, 2004
where girls kick ass
playing their hardest and wining
by jesse koepal September 14, 2004
Sport where girls can last for 90 mins (at least) in 9 different positions.
. s . o . f . t . b . a . l . l .
by sbplaya08 June 30, 2004
One of the best sports in the world!Softball isn't just girls baseball. it's way harder and the term "softball" is NOT true the only difference between a softball and a baseball is a softball leaves a bigger mary when you get hit by it. Softball is pitched underhand and metal bats are used instead of the typical wood used in baseball.Softball is a physically demanding sport played by physically fit people usually girls.
Wow softball practice was really hard today she was pitching faster than 58mph.

by KLChrisman February 08, 2007
the sport where you work your ass off to be the best there is!
ali-dang that 7 hour practice was tough!
brittany-yea but look how we did in the last tournament!
ali-1st place!! whooo!
by kati March 07, 2005
Best sport on the planet.
Usually just girls play it, but some guys like it, too.
There are nine positions and games usually last for about 90 minutes.
Person 1: What are you doing on Sunday?
Person 2: I'm playing softball with Lucas and Sheryle.
by Assflex. May 12, 2007
it's the best damn sport in the world. why the hell would any girl want to play lax. you get a stick and you can't hit anyone? what the hells up with that? Softball is the only sport for girls that actually requires constant thinking, main reason why softball girls are smarter than lax girls. Ohhh lets run up and down a field chasing the person who has the ball, wooh loads of fun. NOT! GO SOFTBALL!!!
Go softball!
by Softball Rox My Sox! September 02, 2009

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