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the sport where you work your ass off to be the best there is!
ali-dang that 7 hour practice was tough!
brittany-yea but look how we did in the last tournament!
ali-1st place!! whooo!
by kati March 07, 2005
this is what ours stands for (i'm not sure of all but i'll guess at some)
orange(peachy):lap dance
i'm not sure about others
they wear them mostly for fashion they won't ever do the thing at school!
by Kati May 26, 2004
stupid, idiotic, ignorant in the ways of the "dealie"
omg this is so crow for toast! i hate it.
by kati December 16, 2003
anialated, to anialate.
a new term used by the likes of scallys and chavs to describe how an enemy was beaten after their "posse" had "banged" them. Established in the North West of England, shocking really considering that the word contains more than one syllable.
1. 'oh yeah, right, yeah, we fuckin' anialated 'em right, oh yeah, we proper banged 'em, we did. fuckin' right'
2. 'oh shit, if we go near them we gonna get fuckin' anialated. they're gonna bang us right proper'
by Kati February 25, 2005
just because you are not rich and perfect like all the people that live in mansions in new york,
massachusettes, conneticut, and all the new england states..does not mean you are not a prep. not all preps can afford lily pullitzer, polo, lacoste, and all those high name brands. that doesnt mean they are poor it just means they cant afford that. abercrombie and fitch, hollister, american eagle, aeropostale, gap , old navy etc. are preppy stores...just not the reallly really preppy ones. preps are not snobby and think they are better than everyone else. just the other entries i read did sound like those are the kind of people they are. popping your collar in an a+f or hollister polo is preppy. your hair should be nicely styled and if you need make up to look pretty than that is fine.
girls or guys and rich or average people who like the prep style whether they wear a+f and hollister or lily pullitzer and polo.
by kati November 22, 2004
whatever u want it to mean. basically, its some random made up word that's wickid cool...spread the von:)
note:looks especially cool when used with a smiley ex: von:)
von it,von you,von me,von us,von :)
by kati March 03, 2005
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