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Sport played on many different levels. In lower levels game is generally played for roughly 90 mins playing 5 innings. in collegiate and olympic levels games usually last 2 to 3 hours and are played generally in 7 innings. HItters are forced to hit balls moving 60-70mph usually with alot of movement and also change speeds. Same concepts as baseball but many different ones such as slappers and coverages. Pitchers pitch from 43 feet which leaves less reaction time. although not commonly seen as much of a contact sport there are many collisions and injuries where a person may break a bone, get cleated, dive into a fence, hit by a pitch, etc. Bases are only 60 feet which means reactions must be faster and you have less time to make plays. Although not as much endurance is needed you must have fast twitch muscles and be able to do alot of sprinting

Joe: Did you see the softball game last night?

Bob: Yeah those girls did a great job, those pitchers really made that ball move.
by shortstop112 April 17, 2009

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