A sport that is supposed to be an "easier" version of baseball. A larger, softer ball doesn't make it easier, and doesn't explain why when I asked to try out for baseball instead of softball, they said I might get hurt.
Guy1: softball is such an easy sport. Girls have it good.

Guy2: yeah, baseball is much harder. I still have marks from when some douche kicked me when he had cleats on!

Girl1: softball is as much of a sport as baseball is and I have cleat marks too so stfu!
by Wrestler_girl February 16, 2015
beating around the bush; being gentle with the attack
Aaron: I think shes likes me.... What should i do?

Robert: Truthfully Broh?! Enough with the softballs, let her know what you really want!
by Airon General August 21, 2009
crack cocaine sculpted into the form of a softball
" a let me get dat soft ball right quick. i'll pay u later....."
by melissa251 September 01, 2008
The pelvic area of a woman between her stomach and vagina. When there's a huge hump it sticks out like a softball in her pants.
Wow look how big that lady's softball is!
by Kobe24Mamba January 24, 2012
Letting a guy think that they're getting a "Home Run" when they're really only getting to "Third Base".

"Man, she came over yesterday and we had an intense game of Softball."

"Hey, do you want to come over and play softball?"
by MattressDancer February 13, 2009
1 reason you cant date a softball player:
1. Lesbian
that softball player is a lesbian
by rightright June 02, 2011
A moron.
That guy is a softball.
by Admiral Jacob August 15, 2010

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