Sport played on many different levels. In lower levels game is generally played for roughly 90 mins playing 5 innings. in collegiate and olympic levels games usually last 2 to 3 hours and are played generally in 7 innings. HItters are forced to hit balls moving 60-70mph usually with alot of movement and also change speeds. Same concepts as baseball but many different ones such as slappers and coverages. Pitchers pitch from 43 feet which leaves less reaction time. although not commonly seen as much of a contact sport there are many collisions and injuries where a person may break a bone, get cleated, dive into a fence, hit by a pitch, etc. Bases are only 60 feet which means reactions must be faster and you have less time to make plays. Although not as much endurance is needed you must have fast twitch muscles and be able to do alot of sprinting

Joe: Did you see the softball game last night?

Bob: Yeah those girls did a great job, those pitchers really made that ball move.
by shortstop112 April 17, 2009
The only sport where girls can do it in under 120 minutes, and have 9 favorite positions!
Liberty Softball Rocks!! All beacuse of the Sugar Cookie!! Hehe!!
by Sugar Cookie, Baby! March 27, 2004
the hardest and best sport for women ever known to man some teams practice almost every day of the week for 4 hours every day with 9 different positions such as the pitcher, catcher, firstbase men, second base men, shortstop, thirdbase men, leftt feild, center feild, and right field. where pitching is the most important position on hte field!
Tyler- man your softball team works harder in one practice than our baseball team ever works

Allie- yea, i know thats why we're better than you.

Tyler- thats true you guys beat us 15 to 1 last time we played each ther
by softballchic17 May 12, 2007
Best sport ever. Some people will say that softball is just baseball for girls, but that's not true. Also, people might think that softball is easier because we pitch underhand and use a bigger ball. That's just idiotic. If you get hit by a softball, it hurts more than a tiny baseball would. And pitching underhand is harder not only for pitchers, but for batters too. Softball is not for girly-girls either. You have to have stamina, strength, and determination to play this kickass game.
Sarah: Wow, softball practice was tough today. Look at this bruise from when Wiley accidently hit me.

Christina: That thing's huge!
Steve: Look at my bruise!
Sarah: What bruise?

Steve: The one on my knee!
Christina: That's miniscule. Sarah's is way bigger
by Weinermobile666 May 04, 2010
Softball is the best female sport there is! It's where the prettiest and hottest girls play and the perfect girlfriends for baseball players. if you don't have a softball player as a girlfriend you're messing up right now.
Dang I need a softball girlfriend
by ryan mendoza October 20, 2013
A sport for extremely competitive girls. They would do anything to catch the ball. Softball is NOT a lesbian sport or a sport for the fat. So what the sport is slow at least it's not a repetitive sport like lacrosse or hockey. We don't just run up and down a field chasing each other. And our 'field' is different from any other sport. Softball is played on a diamond and an outfield. If you don't play softball you wouldn't know that when you get hit with one it feels like a rock. And even when we get hit with it during the game we still throw it to get somebody out.
Sliders, dirt stains and leather gloves are in style to softball players
by Softball lover January 02, 2014
definatly not just girls baseball and DEFINATLY not played by only lesbians you play 7 innings and it is the toughest 7 innings you will ever face in your life. theres 3 main things to softball HIT the ball..FIELD the ball...and THROW the ball.. in softball you should never worry about what team your playing until they show up you are always focused on playing the is also a proven fact that a softball is harder to hit than a baseball it was proven by jennie finch pitching to mlb baseball players and she stuck them out..its harder because of the underhand picthcing motion and the batters box is closer to the picthers mound i can also say girls can handle the bigger balls.. all i can say is softball is the greatest sport ever invented!
girl 1: whats your favorite sport?
girl 2: no other than softball!
by purpleeplatypus December 27, 2009
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