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The best thing you can drink, but don't drink too much or you'll be fat or have bad teeth.
George: Soda tastes amazing, my favorite flavor is grape!

Fred: I used to like soda, but now i'm fat and my teeth are rotting because of it...

George: That's your own fault, dude.
by AnArChY231 February 16, 2014
a kind of delicious soft drink that fizzes and makes u burp, mmm....
god dammit its soda, not pop!
by bob July 09, 2006
An interjection of protest. An Acronym for "Sit On a Dick And Spin"
You need these TPS Reports by Monday? Sodas!
by thatfatboy April 17, 2006
A cool guy from Dallas Texas. Legend has it that Soda may not be his real name and that he acquired it because he can break dance really good and pop and lock.
WoW that guy Soda is so cool. I wish I could be like him
by TheXchair April 10, 2005
the act of boiling cocaine and baking soda to make crack.
I just threw a pound of cocaine into this cookpot- I'm trying to soda it into to.
by willy b producer March 07, 2007
soda ia an abbreviation for Sophisticated Obscene Degenerate Abuse
This term is given to the people who abuse degenerates in complex or intricate way, and if you dont know what a degenerate is look it up.

"That pedophile needs some soda"
by valuablelesson September 19, 2006
Man of action, leader, ultra-cool dude. Once upon a time long long ago a man was born unto a woman. This man was Soda and the world stood still for him.
Hi can I order a small Soda?... I'm sorry but Soda only come in XX-large.
by TheXchair April 11, 2005