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a country that was once great and has been twisted by their fundamentalist leaders. america will not invade iran. the government of iran is americas enemy, not the people.
iran is located in the middle east, and was once a more western, free country.
by yankee May 03, 2005
1.Of or relating to Africa or its peoples, languages, or cultures.
2.A native or inhabitant of Africa.
3.A person of African descent.
as i was drowning in quick sand i saw 2 african hunters come to my rescue.
by yankee April 01, 2003
A Cantonese expression of displeasure.
Aiya! I just got PKed!

*stubs toe* Aiya!
by Yankee February 23, 2003
the phalanx was a group of men, usually greek, who stood with over lapping spears, some as long as 20 feet. This formation was the greeks heavy infantry for hundreds of years. The macadonains took much of the world with this formation, and the spartans perfected it.
the strongest men would stand on the left flank
by yankee July 23, 2005
Means My Struggle. This book was written by Adolf hitler and second to the bible, has sold more copies than any book ever written.
a book to see inside the head of evil. Mein kampf will show you what a dictator thinks
#lies #propaganda #hitler #jews #struggle
by yankee September 22, 2005
The city with the highest murder and corruption rate per capita in the north east of the united states. This ghetto of a town has roughly 55 murders per year.
Jim traficant, thats youngstown for ya
#crime #poverty #ghetto #murder capital #drugs
by yankee September 22, 2005
the great british empire was unmatched for hundreds of years. They took india, much of africa, north america, parts of south america, hong kong and other parts of the far east, all of whales, and some of central america.
The british empire was like many befor it, rome, mongols, persians, and they all fell.
by yankee May 06, 2005
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