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stands for "Sudden Burst Of Hyperness" meaning when you just feel hyper all of a sudden; sugar high
Jen: "Wow really?"
Katie: "Ya"
Jen: "That's kewl"
Katie: "SBOH! I could run 10 laps right now!"
by Lilybobilly April 10, 2006
a shortened version of so-duh! meaning "thanks for pointing out the obvious"
Jim: Sally! You're shirt says "Chocolate!"

Sally: Soda!
by Lilybobilly April 28, 2006
1) someone who is really mad

2) when someone's face turns red
1) "Josh is so freakin ketchup today. I wonder why?"

2) "Look at Caleb! He's ketchup!"
by Lilybobilly April 10, 2006
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