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Soda is what the south calls pop, pop is what the north calls soft drinks.
Northerner - I need a soda
Better northerner - TRAITOR!
by Toe Nail November 20, 2006
a shortened version of so-duh! meaning "thanks for pointing out the obvious"
Jim: Sally! You're shirt says "Chocolate!"

Sally: Soda!
by Lilybobilly April 28, 2006
An acronym that stands for Safety Of Dick Advisory. A "polite" warning issued to people who are in danger of getting "sack tapped." Generally one issues a SODA when being constantly annoyed by another party.
I issued a SODA to Grimstead after he had been farting around me continuously. He showed no desire to comply, so I kicked him in the balls shortly thereafter.
by Jack Mehoff 9686 June 26, 2011
The original term for pop (soda pop) used by southerners and hicks with twangy accentts.
Jethro --- "I guess I better go get me one of dat dare soda pops."
by yankee November 14, 2004
Carbonated goodness that gives you asophagus cancer (True) how ever you spell asophagus.
dont drink to much or like i saiid ull get asophagus cancer
by corey harders August 05, 2005
Slang for pop.
Billy: Can I get you anything to drink? A soda, maybe?

Bob: Huh? What’s soda?

Billy: It’s slang for pop. We say it a lot in these parts.

Bob: Oh, okay. Sure, I'll have a pop.
by Forever Remain May 25, 2009
a word used by Mainers and T.V. to describe pop. if you try to correct someone who says soda they will get pissed off and kill you!(especially in Detroit)Soda sounds like something from the 40's. I bet people who say it are soda-mn retarted. even though this definiyion is a little stupid the proper term to say soft drink is POP bitch or i'll pop you!
Detroiter:hook me up with some pop.
Detroiter2:what kind you want?
Detroiter: you know I like that red, but i'l take some grape.
Outsider: are you talking about red "POT"?
Detroiters: no, POP.
Outsider: oh you mean soda!
Detroiter: no, pop.
Outsider: I cac not breath, I should have never tried to correct someone from the D and now my life is ending because I wa too retarded to realize soda is a played out way of saying soda.
by Pontiac February 08, 2006