Its a nickname for a friend who you walk in on while masterbating, after he takes all your beer to his room and pleasures himself on webcam only keeping his toe warm with Socks.
"Socks is missing agean" we better knock before going into his room.
by LaPorta April 28, 2008
A cute and nice way to say it's ok
It's ok > S'ok > Sock > Socks
George: I'm really sorry I ignored you
Sally: Socks.
by Candyfloss Lafunk December 10, 2004
multiple penis garments
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
A legendary basketball player from Toronto Ontario.
by Socks May 27, 2003
Horrible demons created my the god of Damnation Blurth.
Man, those socks are digesting me with there mighty system of organs!
by Deathtear69 October 29, 2004
A person who has had sex before. The act of having sex.
She's a total sock now.

They were socking it last night.
by Maggie Cunningham September 01, 2006
vagina (use with term candy
-I got candy in my sock the other day.
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004

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