v., sucks, royally.(East Coast)
Frig it Scully, this town friggin' socks.
by roger the fabricator February 19, 2004
a chick who stuffs her tits with wool socks to look big
hey, dude, ya know Ashley, shes useing them socks again!
by Zack Wilson February 06, 2004
A person.
Who is that sock?
They is a total odd sock!
by Hmmm May 05, 2004
Term used for step son/daughter. SOCK, Some Other Cunts Kid
Man 1: Whats Tony up to tonight?
Man 2: He's minding the SOCK
by mc_dot January 26, 2015
Who the fuck searches socks on this site you dumb fuck.
Katie searched 'socks' on Urbandictionary.com. She is a dumb fuck
by Gertrude Fumbleman October 27, 2014
A apparent eagles fan, who makes an abundant amount of noise when speaking. Similar to skip bayles, he's talks a lot but says a little, which is discredited by stats and facts.
Guy 1: Hey the eagles will win the Super Bowl and my fantasy team is good. Guy 2: dude you sound like sock
by Socking September 17, 2014

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