A person who has had sex before. The act of having sex.
She's a total sock now.

They were socking it last night.
by Maggie Cunningham September 01, 2006
vagina (use with term candy
-I got candy in my sock the other day.
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
v., sucks, royally.(East Coast)
Frig it Scully, this town friggin' socks.
by roger the fabricator February 19, 2004
a chick who stuffs her tits with wool socks to look big
hey, dude, ya know Ashley, shes useing them socks again!
by Zack Wilson February 06, 2004
A person.
Who is that sock?
They is a total odd sock!
by Hmmm May 05, 2004
Specifically, twinks that are exchanged for sex just as frequently as socks. This can be used for any type of person as well.
It's sad to bring your sock to dinner after use, just get a new one.
by Chrslions May 13, 2016
Some Other Cunts Kid

Dating a man or a woman that has a Kid to someone else.
James can't come out tonight cause he's stuck looking after the sock
by Shasteal YoMeal July 09, 2015
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