3 definitions by mykitchendoor

1. An evil race of alien masterminds.

2. A item of clothing for the feet.

3. The thing that mothers dread washing.

4. A low budget condom.

1. "The world has been overrun by socks."

2. "These socks are fucking incredible."

3. "Jesus Christ! You can wash your own bloody socks!"
"No way mum, they stink."
"Well they're only gonna get worse!"

4. "Oh shit, I lost my C-card, I'll have to use my socks.
by mykitchendoor April 14, 2008
To paint zebra stripes upon your penis.
"Last night I so had a Wang Zebra, dude!"
by mykitchendoor April 14, 2008
Like a cat but longer.
"Look, that cat is like... really long."
"No dude, it's just a caat."
by mykitchendoor April 14, 2008

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