In first person shooters, someone who is often the target of outrage, especially in games that require traversing open areas
"Damn snipers!"
"I hate snipers!"
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
Evil op of #overclockers.
No pr0n, warez or scripts or Sniper will get you
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
Attackers from an unknown source, in this example snipers means mosquitos, but it can have several meanings.
in the urban sense: "I was bitten by snipers while walking my dog." Translated: "I was bitten by mosquitos while walking my dog."
by Stephen Potta October 16, 2007
1. A prepubescent 12 year old kid on a first person shooter that is the only douche bag running around with a sniper rifle.
2. For some reason every person wants to be one if they join the army.
3. Usually in games, the sniper is the one who is hiding like a coward because they are the ones who can't actually play the game.
"When I go into the army I'm gonna be a sniper because I'm uber 133t d3lta!"
"This is why people hate kids."
by god still hates snipers April 18, 2009
(n) a person that is being mean, stupid, or you are jealous of. an insult
Stop grabbing my arm, you sniper!
by autumnthebest August 08, 2004
when someone is walking behind you and they step on the heel of your shoe.
Hey you stepped on my shoe, SNIPER!
by Judy P. September 15, 2005
1. Highly skilled marksman
2. In games, usually the most hated players
3. FPS Players with no talent
Damn sniper...
by Speedfreak January 01, 2004
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