When one (especially one at a fast food restaurant) gets a half filled ketchup bottle and throws it an unexpecting person's sack.
He whipped the ketchup bottle at jason and yelled SNIPER!!!!
by Matt Ascher October 05, 2006
when you shoot your load in a girl's face and hit her "right between the eyes", Also called a snipershot.
I couldn't believe my aim when I gave Julie a snipershot.
by brunch43 June 06, 2006
those fuckin annoying as shit kids in FPS games that sit in that one place where no one fucking sees them and kills you everytime you spawn with there damn sniper.
*gamertag has spawned*
*gamertag was sniped by SnIp3rKid*
gamertag: FUCK YOU SNIPER!

usually what happens next is you shut off your xbox in a fit of anger and you furiously march up the stairs and complain to the first person you see.
by yeye name September 03, 2006
a highly trained marksman who cares out the secular perpose of eliminating dificult targets from a long didstance. Usually the snipers of the world come unusual parts of an army or naval soldiers. The sniper rifle is the tool of a sniper and is a large caliber rifle with a scope attacment.
the best snipers come out of Israel and go on to become the worls best assasins.
by JEW MAN March 17, 2006
A person who prowls through a party searching for the most intoxicated person then proceeds to hook up with him/her because otherwise this person would have no other chance of getting ass.
LK in the house, sniper on the loose.
by yeah what okay July 10, 2008
a person very skilled with high and low powered rifles (with zoom) can usually pick you off up to a kilometer away with no zoom at all.
studys in nomenclature
he can take you out with that sniper rifle
by devon April 24, 2003
In first person shooters, someone who is often the target of outrage, especially in games that require traversing open areas
"Damn snipers!"
"I hate snipers!"
by Anonymous June 02, 2003

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