a person in medical school that is a closet gunner or secretly works extremely hard and will even sabotage fellow classmates to get ahead

this person will tell you they can't hang out because they will have a prior obligation but they are secretly studying
I can't believe Meghan tore out my Progress Note. She looked so sweet and innocent.

No way she did that to Shawn too. She is a serious Sniper.

by Avril N January 25, 2009
Sniper is a name for the girl at the party who will hook up with the drunkest guy.
A.k.a u got sniped.
She is on the roof picking niggas off.
You got that red dot on your forehead.
by a victim of the sniper June 03, 2007
(to) sniper
the act of pushing someone into a sexually compromising position in the pretence that you are saving them from an invisible (but highly dangerous) sniper. Average numbers of sniperings rise near church towers or other vantage points popularly used by these marksmen.
tom: SNIPER!!! (dives on judy)
judy:wtf, get the hell off me
tom: sorry judy, there was a sniper in that churchtower.
july: oh well thats allright then
by jack birchenough December 27, 2006
really fucking awesome, like waking up to a girl giving u a blow job
omg remember when we went to st. l... that was a sniper weekend
by varv February 10, 2008
A term used by a male to inform another male that there is a female in eyeshot sporting visible THO. That male is then expected to discreetly survey the area, locate the female and inspect her nipple(s). Often accompanied by a nudge and or a widely open-eyed head gesture toward the female.
Male A: "Dude, sniper."
Male B: "...nice."
by Mutard February 02, 2007
A person who walks into the room and says a few words. They usually are not a complete sencence and make you ask them about what they are talking about. In turn sniping you into a conversation about something.
(the sniper walks into the room and says) "so hot" (you ask) whats so hot? "oh this girl I met at the mall. I got her number and we're going to hang out later" (you have now just been sniped)
by TheSniper February 22, 2006
V. To steal or hide from somone;

N. Somone who steals food or other things from from rich friends.
"DUDE who sniped my fries?!?"
"Shut up. Hey give 'em back!"
by N/A November 19, 2003
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