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1.) A highly talented marksman.

2.) In multiplayer gaming, someone who employs high powered rifle type weapons. Often tries to emulate military snipers.
uber1337: I'm a great sniper.

Manawski: No, you aren't.
by Manawski February 23, 2003
160 105
When Someone Trips or Falls.
John was walking and stumbled on the curb

Jim Yelled, "Sniper!"
by OhNoItsThatoneGuyAgain October 16, 2009
48 23
Noun, verb
Someone who is unnaturally adept at propelling small objects at smaller targets with great skill and accuracy, most often in sports, I.e. Soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and football, or with an actual sniper rifle. More general uses are those who can fling small pieces of debris at trashcans, teachers, peoples' heads, eyes, exposed cleavage, and balls with great accuracy and velocity, thus causing general mayhem and annoyance.

Common projectiles include: trash, balls, gum bands, pencils, pens, soccer balls, footballs, hockey pucks/balls, sticks, food(carrots), cards, cd's, bottle caps, etc. You get the point.

Common targets: head, face, eyes, junk, cleavage, goals, trashcans, teachers, etc. Anything that shows you have done skill.
Dude, did you see that shot?! He's a freakin' sniper!

Whoa, did you really get that in the trash from here? You're a sniper.

I totally just sniped him in the junk from here with that ball.
by Gaidin014 March 10, 2009
36 13
1. A soildier who kills people from far away with a sniper rifle.
2. The unsung heros of online gaming. Snipers are probably the best in games, even though everyone disses them. Snipers in online games are pretty much the same as 1 in a virtual setting. Some people also think that snipers can be anyone who sneaks up on someone in a game and kill them with any weapon. Snipers spend HOURS practicing to get good at this.
1. Sniper: I'm taking the shot, HQ
HQ: 10-4 Rubber Duckie
2. (Sniper shoots guy)
Guy: You faggot thats cheap, you know that the game developers didn't intend those to be used. Your a n00b, I r0x0rz!
by Lil' Pimpin' May 30, 2006
57 35
for professional school students (med school, law school, etc.)

like a gunner, but instead of letting everyone know he/she is a gunner, this person silently works hard, but appears very chill; in the end he/she kicks everyone's ass when the exam grades come out.
med student: dude man, he is a gunner.
med student2: no man, he's a sniper; never see him study and super chill, but just keep getting As
by mcgmd September 02, 2010
18 4
Sniper- A very Dangerous and Strategic Unit of the Military,Police,Special,Mafia and so on and so forth

Be able to place a projectile accurately and effectively on a chosen target
Sniper-" You're toast" locks target

Enemy Sniper -"What did you Say"
(While looking down his scope watching him face to face)

Sniper-pulled trigger in a split second killed him.
Also looking at him down his own scope (What did the guy say before i killed him?) lol
by Unknown Dragon July 19, 2009
15 6
When giving it to a girl from behind (anally or vaginally) the male, when close, feigns orgasm and spits on the girls back to trick her into turning her head back at him where he proceeds to loose his baby batter directly in her face.
When I have break up sex I always have to bust that bitch a sniper!
by Pragmatist July 19, 2005
97 90