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A real life garment used by the military, a poncho like material is attached with fresh leafs and woodland materials so the user can blend in with the given enviroment. A suit donned by Snipers, typically SAS and such.
The Ghillie has also featured in FPS video games, COD4, CODWAW, this gives the user(a sniper can only use them) a tactical advantage when it comes to grassy areas, but the developers pulled them off poorly and they rarely work.
Guy1- OMG, that ghillie suit guy keeps sniping me

Ghillie- lolz at u nubcake

Guy1- Your a noob!
by daws09 March 02, 2009
A role played in most shooting games, probally the most annoying for other players but still the most skillfull role. A player who prefers to snipe uses a scoped rifle to hunt down enemy players and end their existance quickly and with a single shot so their position remains hidden. It is often difficult to remove a sniper who has a good point by convectional means as they will see you coming unless you flank them. Snipers often move when their position is comprimised making them easy unarmed targets as a scoped rifle is useless is close quaters.

-----Snipers are also real life military personel but are often reffered to professional as scouts.
Player1- "Can someone deal with that sniper on the hill he keeps getting me and he can see our spawn points"

SNiper- "lol at u noobs!"

player2- " i got him, someone throw smoke nades to cover me!"
by daws09 February 17, 2009
l34t5p34k or leetspeak is a name for the style of typing used by many internet people primarily on online games this is where letters replace numbers or vice versa, it is often confusing and difficult to read but comes naturally to most nerds and games.
Examples are n00b(oo replaced by two zeroes) or H34Vy, EA is changed to 34 or l34t5p34k into LEETSPEAK
by daws09 February 17, 2009
Used to insult someone,often used in online games or the internet, it is often used when asking someone to do something and they refuse, you then say "you fagzoid" its a more friendly term of "fag" which is a very derogitarty thing to say to someone.
Letters are often changed into numbers following the rules of LEETSPEAK.
Callum- "play zombies on PS3?"
Liam- "No im busy, maybe later!"
Callum- "You fagzoid"
by daws09 February 17, 2009
haxor is a internet term used in the both serious and light heated way, it is used seriously by people reffering to a hacker in a insulting or praising way depending on the context.
lighthearted is often used in online games by people who witness a successful hack or a simple glitcher(breaking a set boundary in a game by doing something simple)and are either annoyed or happy in their doings.

haxor has many LEETSPEAK alternatives.
Serious angry- "WTF are you doing you haxor, get out this system!"
Serious happy- "OMG you didnt hack your way onto here, did you?"

Lighthearted- "OMG stop wall hacking u noob, you cant win if you dont!"
by daws09 February 17, 2009
Grenades in online gaming, either one iduvidual makes a massive ammount of kills using frags inside one game or kills multiple enemies with a single frag. Or a load of your team and the enemies are just using frags, so everything is exploding all over the place.
Guy1- OMFG, that guy just frag nadded 5 people.

Guy2- Lol, i pwnz

Guy1- Your just lucky you got that fragfest
by Daws09 March 02, 2009

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