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one person in a team of two. the sniper is the firing man of the two and the other is called a spoter. the spoter is the brains of this group his job is to caculate all affects on the bullet such as humidity bullet density ect. snipers rarely work alone depending on the type of sniper. scout snipers rarely take a shot 98% of their job is scouting leaving the 2% as firing the rifle. of that 2% most of the firing is on tactical equipment. a combat sniper is found working with a squad and is almost always alone. the reason why this is is: combat sniping is used for shorter distances meaning a spoter is not always necesary. so please little kids who play CoD stop saying your a sniper and have some respect for the real ones.(do not mention a sniper without spoter following close behing)
the sniper team moved into position to for the FFP if needed but their primary mission was to relly all movements made by the target.
by macmillinstillchillin February 01, 2011

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