(1.) The act of IMing someone as they're busy typing. The resultant pop-up window steals their cursor and often the victim continues typing into the return window unknowingly.

(2.) The justification for falling down for no apparent reason.
SniperIM: "Hey what time are you going to dinner?"
Victim101: “ntact for an appointment?”
SniperIM: “…um…wtf?”
Victim101: “sorry, you sniped me”

(Victim trips on the stairs)
Smart ass friend: “Sniper, everyone get down!”

by allandis November 03, 2005
When a couple comes home after being in the car for a while, both having to urinate at the same time, instead of fighting over who goes first, the girl sits, and guy carefully aims between her legs.

A variation on Sniper is when you come in the door, call "Sniper" who ever calls it last is the sitter. This is dangerous, especially if the man calls slower, because girls cant aim and hover well, meaning the guy would probably get wet.
"Man, having only bathroom SUCKS we totally end up having to Sniper every day when we get home from work, because she wont let me pee in the tub"
by *sin* February 04, 2010
When playing soccer and someone falls onto the ground when unnecessary such as when the ball or another player is not within a radius of at least 2 feet.
"SNIPER! did you see tyler just fall on his face, he got totally annihilated!"
by g-monsta December 09, 2008
n. (snî´-pər)
A term used by a male to inform another male that there is a female in eyeshot sporting visible THO. That male is then expected to discreetly survey the area, locate the female and inspect her nipple(s). Often accompanied by a nudge and or a widely open-eyed head gesture toward the female.
Male A: "Dude, sniper."
Male B: "...nice."
by Mutard February 09, 2007
a person in medical school that is a closet gunner or secretly works extremely hard and will even sabotage fellow classmates to get ahead

this person will tell you they can't hang out because they will have a prior obligation but they are secretly studying
I can't believe Meghan tore out my Progress Note. She looked so sweet and innocent.

No way she did that to Shawn too. She is a serious Sniper.

by Avril N January 25, 2009
A person who always sees you do stuff that you shouldn't be doing. Snipers are usually moms, dads, old people, or people of authority.
The lunch lady sniped me stealing a fudge round from across the room. What a fucking sniper.
by Dante P October 17, 2005
Sniper is a name for the girl at the party who will hook up with the drunkest guy.
A.k.a u got sniped.
She is on the roof picking niggas off.
You got that red dot on your forehead.
by a victim of the sniper June 03, 2007

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