one person in a team of two. the sniper is the firing man of the two and the other is called a spoter. the spoter is the brains of this group his job is to caculate all affects on the bullet such as humidity bullet density ect. snipers rarely work alone depending on the type of sniper. scout snipers rarely take a shot 98% of their job is scouting leaving the 2% as firing the rifle. of that 2% most of the firing is on tactical equipment. a combat sniper is found working with a squad and is almost always alone. the reason why this is is: combat sniping is used for shorter distances meaning a spoter is not always necesary. so please little kids who play CoD stop saying your a sniper and have some respect for the real ones.(do not mention a sniper without spoter following close behing)
the sniper team moved into position to for the FFP if needed but their primary mission was to relly all movements made by the target.
by macmillinstillchillin February 01, 2011
A Australian support class in TF2. Known for camping, which many COD players would despise for quickscoping. But in TF2 that won't get you very far because the best shots need to be charged
Sniper: G'day mates.
COD player: Come on you got to quickscope!
Sniper: NO!
by SNiperMaTes August 10, 2013
A soldier in a military unit who specializes in long-range operations, stealth, and stalking targets. Snipers are trained to make accurate shots over distances exceeding 800m and up to 1500m. Unlike squad designated marksmen, the sniper operates at longer distances and works, ordinarily, with only a spotter, and not with a squad. Snipers normally employ the use of bolt-action rifles, high-caliber sniper rifles, or scoped battle rifles to carry out their mission, though they do carry pistols and knives as a last resort.
Soldier 1: We have a runner. Joe, take him out!
Soldier 2: Negative. Joe can't shoot for shit. Walter's a better sniper. Get him to take him out.
by 2066PHOENIXc10 November 15, 2009
A game that's amusing to watch if there's a large crowd.
Someone shouts out "sniper" and anyone who hears falls to the ground as quickly as possible, as if there actually is a sniper present.
Once everyone is down, the people on the floor aren't allowed to stand back up until the person who has previously shouted, "sniper" declares "false alarm, it's safe now".
Be completely amusing if it was a flash mob, such as the T-Mobile adverts.
Jack: "Sniper!"
-everyone falls to floor, waits twenty minutes-
Jack: "Oh, false alarm. It's safe now".
by schmexly June 13, 2010
1. A rifle made for killing targets at a high range.

2. A person who can throw a far distance.

3. A person who is a very accurate gunner; a marksman.
1. The PSG1? I love that sniper in COD!

2. Woah, he threw a dart from 50 yards and still hit a Bulls Eye. The guy's a sniper.

3. We needed the man dead, so we sent out our best sniper.
by Saber Hayabusa February 14, 2014
A sniper does not necessarily mean a gun itself. A sniper is basically a highly trained marksman. The proper word for the gun is a sniper rifle. Which is a very powerful rifle with a scope designed for snipers.
Noob: I'm going to buy that sniper. (he's gonna buy the person)

Other dude: No don't you mean a sniper rifle?
Noob: Shut up noob.
Other dude: ...
by Wire mash March 18, 2012
1) a woman who carefully marks out her male target/prey and devises secretly deadly strategies to ultimately trap him where she wants him, rendering him useless, and ultimately killing him in the war of love.

2) A woman adept in playing mind games in order to gain a man's heart with the purpose of only confusing him and killing him with a single shot to the heart.

3) A sneaky woman
1) Did you see what Bella did to Jacob? She is such a sniper, bro.

2) Lisa told me she was having a baby so I stayed with her, then when she got tired of she moved to my best friend and told him she was never having a baby. Now I'm crying in the shower everyday with my clothes on... She is such a sniper
by Juice33 April 26, 2011

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