A small alcoholic drink - usually whisky - that one drinks from a hip flask or a glass when copious amounts of alcohol are not available, such as in the countryside.
"It´s a devil of a long way to the next hostelry old chap - fancy a quick snifter?"
by andreasegde August 01, 2006
A short stemmed glass used by WASPs to drink whiskey and hipsters to drink beer.
Person 1 - 'This ale should be drunk in a snifter by the fire.'
Person 2 - 'You're no longer my friend.'
by Didnt_Know_It_Swag_420_Yolo July 13, 2014
The act of rubbing your finger(s) up and around your rectum, and then sneaking up to an unsuspecting victim and placing it under their nose.
I just wrestled down Bobby and gave him the snifters!

by dink1212121 February 10, 2008
Normally an elegant glass for drinking Brandy but also a verb for the 'taint lover' in all of us.
Bob, you know that hot chick Heather? I fucked her all night and she forgot her panties when she left. I wore them on my head at home all day and 'snifter'
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
A Snifter is a Poofter that wants to sniff your bum.
Hey, can someone get this poofter off my arse?
Aww he's not doing any harm, just wants to have a sniff, is all. He's a Snifter.
by hotpatootie November 06, 2012
When you fart before pulling down your pants to poop, sending a rush of smelly air up your nose.
Oh man, I had to poop so bad that I gave myself a snifter on the way in.

Taylor got the gnarliest snifter at work today that he went home sick.
by mcneilio December 01, 2010
A man or woman who scratches their ass then sniffs it.
"Did you see that? That guys a snifter!"
by badassbooda August 14, 2008

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