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A person who does not fight back, and who is thought of as being weak. Often used in schools. Also a person who gives in easily when asked for money by his children.
"He couldn´t fight his way out of a wet paper bag; he´s just a big softy."
by andreasegde August 01, 2006
A small alcoholic drink - usually whisky - that one drinks from a hip flask or a glass when copious amounts of alcohol are not available, such as in the countryside.
"It´s a devil of a long way to the next hostelry old chap - fancy a quick snifter?"
by andreasegde August 01, 2006
Illegal after-hours drinking in a pub/bar, after closing time. The landlord leaves the cash till open so any official outside can not hear it being opened and cash being put into it. Afters drinkers are the select few of the regular pub clientele. Used in Yorkshire, northern England
"I don´t believe in afters, because I never get invited."
by andreasegde July 30, 2006
A person who is arrogant and thinks that the subject in question is not good enough for them. They stick their nose in the air as if they smell something disgusting.
"She doesn´t talk to anyone in the office - I think she´s a bit sniffy."
by andreasegde August 01, 2006
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