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What you get when you cross Kevin Spacey with Gomer Pyle.
Gawleee, Shazam!! Sgt. Carter, Sgt. Carter, I feel SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! I just butt-fucked Kevin Spacey!! We're naming our new backwoods retarded love child 'Mike Huckabee'!
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009
A grouping of 3 or more teens in your sons room playing/watching Xbox Live. Usually you only see them when they leave the hive and ask you for a sandwich and drink
So Bob, how are the kids doing. Hell if I know!? They've been buzzing around in their Xbox Hive all weekend.
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009
The snagglepuss is where a large group of people are sitting in a rather small enclosed space or room. Suddenly someone farts very quietly. Within a few seconds one of the people in the room bolts up from his chair, stands perfectly erect, and screams, 'HEAVENS TO MERGATROID!! WHO SHIT????!!! EXIT, STAGE LEFT!!! Before running out of the room the person's feet spin wildly to the sound of 'bongo's'...
Man, I was at a party last night and I'm pretty sure that Melissa farted. Tommy really did a wild 'snagglepuss' when the smell hit him!!
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
The act of a woman hiding (taping down) her breasts to make people think she's a boy or man.
Hey Bob, Did you see Hilary Swank on the Oscar's Show last night in that low-cut see-through dress?? Man, she's got huge beautiful Mogambos!!! I can't believe that she had that 'closet rack' in the movie 'Boys Don't Cry'! I'm so happy to see that 'they' finally came out! Those titties are truly 'Million Dollar Babies'!!
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
These are the morbidly obese people on news reports standing in food lines waiting for free food. You can indentify big fat fucking bums in two ways.
1. They're usually claiming no job or food but have cell phones.
2. They're generally standing in line in front of the skinny people that really do need the food.
Hey Glenda, I saw you were in that line getting free food on the news last night. You're a dear dear friend but I must tell you that you're a big fat fucking bum for doing that.
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009
Miracle drug in development that they hope will cure Aids.
My tests came back from my doctor and he said I was HIV positive. He suggested It would be best moving forward that I 'trynoassatall' from now on.
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
While holding a record as one of the longest words in the English Language, it's origins can be traced back to circa 1964 when the Disney Movie was first released. Modern Etymologists explain the origin of the Term; While it appears that Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke had a loving working relationship during the filming of Mary Poppins nothing was further from the truth! Julie Andrews basically despised Mr. Van Dyke and believed he was constantly 'show boating' and trying to grab all of the attention from her. Julie had hold up in her dressing room and refused to come out for the next scene. Mr. Van Dyke knocked on her trailer door and said, "Ello, Ello, M'Lady! Hurry up Julie, we're doing the scene where you float down on your umbrella for the 'Magical Arrival' scene. It's reported that Ms. Andrews replied, "Fuck you! I hate you!! You're a 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidouchebag'!!!! And get away from my door!! Why don't you go eat "A Spoonful of Feces you Motherfucker!!!
Common use Nowadays: That guy over there thinks the movie 'Mary Poppins' was the Best Movie ever made! What a 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidouchebag'....
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
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