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A small alcoholic drink - usually whisky - that one drinks from a hip flask or a glass when copious amounts of alcohol are not available, such as in the countryside.
"It´s a devil of a long way to the next hostelry old chap - fancy a quick snifter?"
by andreasegde August 01, 2006
64 25
Normally an elegant glass for drinking Brandy but also a verb for the 'taint lover' in all of us.
Bob, you know that hot chick Heather? I fucked her all night and she forgot her panties when she left. I wore them on my head at home all day and 'snifter'
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
17 21
The act of rubbing your finger(s) up and around your rectum, and then sneaking up to an unsuspecting victim and placing it under their nose.
I just wrestled down Bobby and gave him the snifters!

by dink1212121 February 10, 2008
2 6
A Snifter is a Poofter that wants to sniff your bum.
Hey, can someone get this poofter off my arse?
Aww he's not doing any harm, just wants to have a sniff, is all. He's a Snifter.
by hotpatootie November 06, 2012
1 9
When you fart before pulling down your pants to poop, sending a rush of smelly air up your nose.
Oh man, I had to poop so bad that I gave myself a snifter on the way in.

Taylor got the gnarliest snifter at work today that he went home sick.
by mcneilio December 01, 2010
10 24
A man or woman who scratches their ass then sniffs it.
"Did you see that? That guys a snifter!"
by badassbooda August 14, 2008
5 38
Someone who steals his mothers underwear and boils them to make an aromatic warm beverage which they drink and serve to guests.
That tea fucking stinks you rotten cunt of a snifter.
by Snifter May 14, 2006
11 60