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A guy who sleeps with everyone; a man-whore.
Steve has a new partner every week. What a hotdog stand.
by diveysketchy April 26, 2011
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An event or location where men normally go to pick up women, but is inexplicably occupied by other men. See also: taco stand
This party is a total hotdog stand. Where are all the chicks?!
by LegalizeWords August 19, 2010
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Euphemistic for a bar or disco dancing club, the good place around to meet women. Where women go to procure a "hot-dog."
"Sometimes there are plenty of hookers standing on the corner, and no customers. Maybe it's just a matter of time. Are you sure you're going everywhere you're supposed to? Looking in the right places? Did you go to the local hot-dog stand?"
by Ninja Clan Lord February 14, 2017
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