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anal sex or doggy style sex; when getting a girl from behind it looks like frog legs with her ass and thighs all up in the air.
Last night I was with this bitch and I got me a "frog leg dinner".
by HotScott March 11, 2004
when a person gets tired of gay sex and reverts back to heterosexual intercourse, sometimes becomes bi-sexual
Did you hear the latest? Keith got "gay fatigue" and is now playing for our team again.
by HotScott March 15, 2004
when society get tired of hearing about a gay individual's gay pride (normally a celebrity)
Rosie O'Donnell was considered the "Queen of Nice", but once she came out and proclaimed her gayness, she conformed herself to the typical gay attitude and lifestyle. She has pushed her opinion on whoever will listen to the point of getting married to spite the government. Now society has “gay fatigue” because of Rosie O’Donnell’s constant outspokenness. It was news when she first “came out of the closet”, but now its just plan annoying.
by HotScott March 15, 2004
The act of farting in the bath tub and attempting to bite the bubbles before they reach the waters' surface.
Keith made me swear not to tell a soul, but I couldn't keep quiet anymore. He told me he likes to snarf while taking a bath. He said its such an addiction that he thinks about it all day at work. He can't wait to get home so he can take a bath.
by HotScott May 17, 2004
slang word for a woman's genitalia; a vagina, a snatch, a cunt, a pussy
Snarf is a word my friend Jason and I started using back in 1988. We were reading a "bio" for a Playmate in a Playboy when we thought we saw the word snarf in there. We started referring to a pussy as a snarf. I think the word we actually saw was snatch, but snarf sounded more funny at the time.
by HotScott May 17, 2004
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