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What you yell out once everyone's fucked up. What you would say when your asked if u want to get fucked up.
"Down to cruiz with us to a party? We have brew e and bud!"
you reply, "Awwwww SNAKES! Im down!"

"i'm so messed up i cant see straight" you reply, "AWW Snakes dude!"
by Snakes master 760 April 06, 2011
(N) a really hot guy, sometimes separated into the classifications from garden being not so hot, to the king cobra which is VERY hot
That boy is such a snake......Slither....slither
by Lynne and Melissa October 08, 2005
To fuck a chick when shes on her side with her legs together looking like a snake. Also known as mermaid.
I snaked her last night.
by K-Noodle October 29, 2006
Just a fucking horny bird requiring a large or supersize portion.
"dude look at that snake over there"
by Mik Aylingos July 14, 2003
All women are snakes, not to be trusted, sneaky, and slimy.
Ash: Hey Chris, you still going out with that girl?
Chris: Nah man, she dumped me again!
Ash: Man, all women are snakes!
by asherj123 July 11, 2009
What you have after you eat a meal that is going to make u shit liquid.
Me: Man I just ate 5 burritos.

A friend: Ur going to be shitting snakes.
by NoMaCeR August 09, 2006
Snake is simply the new word for bitch.
-a girl does something real bitchy to someone-
Guy 1: "Yo, she's sucha snake!!"
Guy 2: "I know! Fucking bitch."
by ThAToneDUDE453 April 01, 2009