An Arab-Jew who is sometimes mistaken for an ant-eater but is in fact a member of the reptilian family, aka snakes.

He demonstrates snakey behaviour such as stealing food, drinks, spitting in peoples water and touching up pugs.
Luke: Wheres that last J we had man?

Sam: Ahhh I bet that snake has taken it!

Next day: Luke: He did take it, I found him passed out next to it on his bed with a cucumber in his arse
by Mundis December 07, 2010
noun: a term that was used in the 1950s and 1960s by gents on Skid Row for the delirium tremens, which are sometimes fatal. It probably referred to the illusion that things were moving when they were not and the feeling that your skin was crawling away. When a person feels the snakes coming on, it is time to let up a little, sip a little low test, white port and settle your nerves.
I don't know what was in that fuckin' rot gut we go into, but it gave me the fuckin' snakes for two fuckin' days.
by Jubilation Corndog December 23, 2008
What you yell out once everyone's fucked up. What you would say when your asked if u want to get fucked up.
"Down to cruiz with us to a party? We have brew e and bud!"
you reply, "Awwwww SNAKES! Im down!"

"i'm so messed up i cant see straight" you reply, "AWW Snakes dude!"
by Snakes master 760 April 06, 2011
(N) a really hot guy, sometimes separated into the classifications from garden being not so hot, to the king cobra which is VERY hot
That boy is such a snake......Slither....slither
by Lynne and Melissa October 08, 2005
To fuck a chick when shes on her side with her legs together looking like a snake. Also known as mermaid.
I snaked her last night.
by K-Noodle October 29, 2006
Just a fucking horny bird requiring a large or supersize portion.
"dude look at that snake over there"
by Mik Aylingos July 14, 2003
All women are snakes, not to be trusted, sneaky, and slimy.
Ash: Hey Chris, you still going out with that girl?
Chris: Nah man, she dumped me again!
Ash: Man, all women are snakes!
by asherj123 July 11, 2009

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